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..Good Luck, God Speed, God Damn You All..

Jason Hyde
28 May 1982
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"There is a theory which states that if ever anybody discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened."
30 seconds to mars, a perfect circle, absinthe, anatomy, art, bad horror movies, bauhaus, bela lugosi, bettie page, body modification, burlesque, caffeine, cali ford, carfax abbey, carnivals, cemeteries, cesium 137, collide, cruxshadows, cybergoth, dancing ferret, dark art, darkwave, deadstar assembly, depeche mode, deviant art, digital art, digital ferret, dita von teese, dracula's ball, dresden dolls, edgar allen poe, edward gorey, ego likeness, electroclash, erotica, faith no more, fetish, fetish models, fetish photography, fine art, forensics, front 242, games, gary numan, glam, glamgoth, glen danzig, godhead, goth, goth music, gothic music, graphic art, h.r. geiger, him, his infernal majesty, horror, horror movies, hungry lucy, hyde, industrial, industrial metal, industrial techno, intelligence, jack the ripper, james obarr, johnny cash, joy division, kitten cadaver, kmfdm, languages, literature, lithium picnic, lon chaney, london after midnight, lord byron, love metal, magick, marilyn manson, masuimi max, metropolis records, mike patton, model mayhem, models, movies, mr bungle, mst3k, murderdolls, music, naked women, new wave, nick cave, nine inch nails, ninetwelve, occult studies, opera, orchids, paganism, passion, philly goth, photo manipulation, photography, pinup, pitbull daycare, poetry, prose, psychology, rob zombie, robert smith, romanticism, roses, runes, science fiction, seven deadly sins, sex, shakespearean sonnets, shedevilvixen, shock rock, sitd, skinny puppy, static-x, stromkern, suicide girls, switchblade symphony, synthpop, tapping the vein, tarot, tattoos, the birthday massacre, the cure, the murderdolls, the soup dragons, theban, theology, tim burton, tolkien, trent reznor, trip hop, troma, truth, vampires, vast, vincent price, vnv nation, voltaire, wayne static, witchcraft, wumpscut, zeromancer, zombies