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09 December 2008 @ 12:41 pm
Flesh Mechanic  
December 9th, 2008

Right. So, Fuck Loudtwitter. It doesn't work like it's supposed to and it was pissing me off. If you got twitter and want to follow me, I'm easy to find and try to keep it goin. Alot of cool people on twitter, alot of which you can find on my followers/following list. Stephen Fry(Yes, THAT Stephen Fry), John Cleese, Wil Wheaton, Greg Grunberg, Apnea, Darenzia, Stoya, Angela Ryan, Zoetica, Joanna Angel, etc. The list just keeps goin, so if you're on twitter(and if not, you should be) find me at: http://www.twitter.com/vhydev 

Working on the Website as much as I have had the willpower to do so. I'm battling a head cold again, so it's diminishing my ability to concentrate. We carry on though and keep it going. I want to be done the site in it's entirety by Christmas. I think that's perfectly attainable. 

More ideas for shoots than I legitimately have time to work on. It's making me crazy. Need to do medical zombie stuff. You read that correctly: Doctor Zombie, you are needed in the ICU. Someone know of an abandoned or run down hospital somewhere in the Philly region? Anyone got a house or something that LOOKS like a run down or abandoned Hospital? I have ideas. Series name? Flesh Mechanic. Get in touch. 

The Catwalk Tragedy 4 images I have, many of which you have all already seen, are up however. Check out that link though to take a look. 

Working with some friends from the video game site I frequent to offer up a new game site focused on unvarnished truth and amateur reporting for sheer fun too. Gonna be called Endgamer Magazine so look for more on that soon. Should be simple and look pretty damned good, so if you like video games and want to do reviews or opinion columns about gaming/the game industry, let me know. There's enough cake for everyone. 

Speaking of Cake, I picked up the entire Cake discography mostly so I could get the song "Never There." Yes I did.

More info coming soon and more updates more frequently as we get the train moving. Lots to come, kids. 

OH! Also, Ever had a question about my work you wanted to ask me? Ever just had random questions for me about anything? Now's a good time to send them, as I assemble my FAQ page for the site. Leave me a comment on here(all will be screened) or send me an email direct at jasonxhyde@gmail.com with the subject "FAQ"

Later Kids.

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